What We Believe


UPC Vision

Belong to Christ

  • Put Jesus at the centre
  • Know God personally
  • Worship God in Spirit and truth
  • Apply the Bible to our lives
  • Represent all ages and backgrounds
  • Meet together regularly
  • Work in partnership with other churches

Grow in Christ

  • Become more like Christ
  • Pray continually
  • Encourage and support one another within small groups
  • Discover and use our God-given gifts
  • Encourage the ministry of healing
  • Give appropriate nurture and training
  • Provide accountable leadership

Share His Love

  • Share our faith in Christ
  • Share our buildings and resources
  • Serve the needy through prayer, finance and practical action
  • Support family life
  • Support mission locally and worldwide
  • Promote peace and justice
  • Welcome everyone and help them to know God


UPC Values

Under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit and under the authority of God’s Word, we desire to be a distinctive community which reflects the values of the New Testament Church, as set out in Acts 2:42-47. To this end, we will pray and work that God may make us a compassionate, outward-looking, committed family of Christians in which the gifts of all are used wisely, worship is relevant, excellence is sought and the Bible and prayer are central.

Compassionate: Love is the hallmark of the church (John 13:35). We seek to demonstrate and experience this in our relationships and in practical ways. Church should be a place where the lonely find friendship, the unloved find acceptance, the bereaved find comfort, the sick and distressed find support.

Outward-looking: Our mission is to be evangelistic, holistic, Kingdom-centred, and concerned with justice and care for the poor. We will not be a holy huddle. We long for people who do not know Jesus to meet him, know him and commit their lives to him. We aim to welcome and encourage all who wish to investigate and explore faith with us.

Committed: Christianity is not a hobby – it is a way of life. We seek to help people on their journey towards whole-hearted commitment to God and to one another. Only in this way can Christians realise their potential and grow in maturity. We encourage personal discipleship that is based on living like Jesus, dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Family: Although we meet in different congregations and home groups, we are called to be the family of God where people of all ages, classes and nationalities can experience a sense of welcome and belonging and engage in relationships that are honest and loving.

Gifts: All Christians are gifted, even if they may not think so. Spiritual gifts are given by God for the encouragement and growth of the church. We need to identify our gifts and organise ourselves in such a way that we serve in those areas where we are gifted. To this end, we value leadership that is humble, faithful, accountable and visionary.

Worship: We want our worship to be passionate and inspiring, facilitating an encounter with God. Worship and teaching must be relevant and Bible-based, and equip for everyday life and ministry. One size fits all worship will not work; we offer different worship styles to enable different types of people to encounter God.

Excellence: Perfection is beyond us, but excellence is not. We want to be the best and do the best that we can, for God, whilst acknowledging that we all make mistakes. But when we do things well it is honouring to God and attractive to those who seek Him.

Bible: Our doctrine and our ethics are founded upon the person and works of Jesus, as revealed in the Bible. God speaks to us in the words of the Bible as the Holy Spirit applies it to our lives; our response is to obey. When we face difficulties or disagreement, we turn to the Bible.

Prayer: Prayer is crucial. If we don’t pray, our plans for the future will not count for much. Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian life and the Christian Church. The Holy Spirit is the source of power that God gives for mission and ministry. It is as we pray that God gives guidance and growth.

‘In all things, we aim for the best for God’

UPC Priorities for 2016

  1. Provide ‘Stepping Stones’ to faith for those who come to us for baptisms, weddings, funerals, and as members of Church Walk School
  2. Encourage everyone to belong to a small group
  3. Focus on Mission
  4. Introduce Mission Shaped Communities (MSCs)